How important is curb appeal – do I really have to clean up my home’s exterior?

Did you know how fast first impressions can be formed? Really fast. When was the last time you were shopping and you noticed a lovely shop and adored what was in the window, thinking I want to see more?! The same holds true with a home for sale.

A prospective home Buyer will pull up to your home and can immediately get a feel for how the rest of the home may appear. Don’t give them the chance to skip your home when the interior looks so amazing due to all your effort you focused on inside. At least, give them a hint that there may be more that they like inside. It can be as simple as a good trim, cleaning and freshly potted flowers by the front door.

I bought the nicest home in a neighborhood, was that a mistake?

While I’m sure you probably love your home, the fact that you now own the nicest home in the neighborhood will potentially harm your resale value when it comes time to sell your home. Because you planted yourself into the nicest home in the neighborhood, your home’s value is at the top of your neighborhood’s price range. This means, that to get into your neighborhood, a home Buyer can pay a lesser amount for a smaller, less upgraded home; one that’s not the King of the Castle. Plus, if a home Buyer is qualified to buy your home at it’s higher price, then they just might as well go in search of another neighborhood, where they will be surrounded by nicer homes; they can be the little guy in a sea of mansions, which will ultimately help their resale value. Next time, think twice about buying the best home in a neighborhood.

My heart aches just understanding where you’re going with this question, as I too love dogs! Our doggies can be our best of friends, always accepting of us no matter what and are just pure joy! However, (yes,….I’ve got to put out the “however”) a dog can make our jobs more difficult when trying to get a home sold.

Selling a home when you have a dogPerhaps the most prevalent concern is that of your dog’s smell that can fill your home with unwanted odor when it’s time to sell your home. From their toys, bedding and an occasional mistake when duty calls, the odor can indeed penetrate your home, when quite often you’ve grown accustomed to the odor. Unfortunately, a visiting, prospective Buyer will certainly catch the first whiff upon entering your home. Unless they’re willing to perform a deep clean or love dogs too, it may just be a deal breaker or a reason to ask for a lowball offer.

Your option will be to remove all the doggie stuff from your home, perform a deep clean yourself, which may include replacing any carpets or you can price your home below market value to compensate for the dog effect.

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