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It’s time to sell your home and you have a few questions that you need to clear up, as they’ve been weighing on your mind; some more heavily than others. You won’t be the first to ask such a question and that you’ve been afraid to ask a Realtor. Please understand that your question(s) have likely been asked before by home Sellers. Ask the question. Clarity is essential for peace of mind. Without peace of mind, how could you ever begin to prepare for selling a home.

Can I ask a Realtor to reduce their commission?

Sure you can ask a Realtor to reduce their commission, in fact, it’s recommended. It’s recommended by me, you wonder? Why? How a Realtor will answer this question will tell you a lot about their ability to negotiate on your behalf. You’re now scratching your head wondering what the heck am I talking about. Let me explain.

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So what happens when you venture out and ask a Realtor to reduce their commission? Their answer will enlighten you a great deal on a must have skill set for any Realtor you chose to hire. If you ask the Realtor to sell your home for less than the typical going rate and they easily give in to your request for them to earn less money, how easy will it be for them to reduce your home’s sales price when a Buyer and their Agent want to buy your home for less money? Easily sacrificing their own income will make it easier to forfeit your income. You can ask, but carefully watch how they respond.

Can I exclude something from my home sale?

If you absolutely must exclude something from your home sale, it must be made known upfront for any prospective Buyers. For example, if that one of kind, hanging chandelier over your dining room table is a light you fell in love with years ago when you first purchased it and you just have to keep it, then sure, you can exclude it. It must be made known to home Buyers, and it’s best to make sure it’s noted directly to your home’s MLS listing. But, my recommendation would be to have it removed before you even list your home for sale. Considering home selling recommendations will get you well on your way to selling your home.

Can I exclude my light fixture from home sale?

Don’t let the Buyer use what you want to exclude, as a negotiating tool, to get you to give up your prized possession. Instead, replace the light fixture with a fixture that complements your home’s dining room and nobody needs to know about your favorite chandelier; avoiding potential drama and heartache.

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